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Non Profit Organization


 To meet the need of disadvantaged children and youth by providing the necessary materials they need to thrive developmentally. This includes but not limited to nutritious meals, clothing, toys, education including quality childcare and other educational materials.

To provide resources, education and training that will enhance the self-image and daily life skills that women need to be successful individuals and to take care of their families.


    To reach the masses on various levels by bridging the gap from lack to no lack, empty to full, foolishness to wisdom, war to peace, hate to love, lies to truth, poverty to wealth, illiterate to educated and brokenness to wholeness.  This will be accomplished by our outreach efforts, various classes, symposiums, events and more. You can get involved by volunteering, becoming a donor or a sponsor.  

Get Involved!

We are always looking for new team members and volunteers to help us make our vision a reality.  Help us be the pitcher of drinking water that so many need and not just a bucket of cleaning water. We'll help you find a way to become a part of this growing venture. Please contact us today to get involved!